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New Art Collaboration Bridges Art, Food, and Printing Industries

We’re excited to share some exciting news about an ongoing collaboration between a cartoonist, a printing company, a ramen shop, and us at This motley crew is trying new approaches to inform the greater public about the persistent struggles of healthcare workers wrestling the COVID pandemic. The concerted efforts of unlikely partners in supporting these frontline warriors by combining their unique skills and services in the form of PPE Pals Postcards, included when you order Menya Hanabi.

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Uncovered N95s Sent To Largest New Mexico Hospital Network

We’re happy to report on another project, this time with the EMP Research and Manufacturing Institute involving 8 thousand N95 respirators which stemmed serendipitously from our collaboration with Norwex on their “A Million Masks. A Million Thank Yous” campaign. Over the last few days, we’ve been working with our distribution partners to ensure the remaining boxes of the 1 million

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Muppets Cartoonist Joins the Fight With New Interactive Coloring Project, Downloadable Original Artwork

Today, artist and comic writer Guy Gilchrist, known for his iconic illustrations of the Muppets, Tom & Jerry, Fraggle Rock and the Looney Tunes, joins in the fight against COVID, in a new interactive art project: in the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing Guy Gilchrist original drawings, including doodles that inspire laughter, comics that spark nostalgia, and coloring book pages that you can download for free from 
Join us in this art project and in supporting our healthcare frontline!

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Mask On — Cloth Face Coverings In Recent News, and Where You Can Find Some

As parts of the country begin loosening safer-at-home restrictions, and state leaders debate the risks of reopening businesses, we encourage everyone to help protect themselves and each other, by maintaining social distancing, practicing hand hygiene, and by wearing a face covering when in public. Here is a list of our partners, donors, sponsors and friends who have been stitching, sewing, even laser-cutting masks that you can take advantage of yourself while helping support in our mission to equip our healthcare frontline!

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