Info about our distribution and corporate partners.

Thank You!

We want to thank our distribution partners, corporate sponsors and donors, manufacturers and volunteers for their selflessness in helping the healthcare heroes and first responders who are fighting COVID-19. Because of their support through equipment and services, research and manpower, we can operate on a much larger scale and have a greater impact.

Distribution Partners


Freight and shipping company Flexport and UPS Healthcare make the shipment of PPE cross-country feasible, while volunteers on the ground from MedSupplyDrive and First Responders Children’s Foundation have been pivotal in the delivery and distribution of PPE in multiple states across the US! 



Our Bay Area distribution is set up through our partnership with Cenports and NIO-US. In partnership with GetMePPE – Bay Area, we can distribute PPE to most Bay Area hospitals.


Our Los Angeles distribution is set up through a partnership with Citizens of Humanity. With help from GetUsPPE-LA, we distribute PPE in the greater Los Angeles area.


We are partnered with #PPEnow to distribute PPE in New York City and Long Island. Together with MedSupplyDrive volunteers, they’ve also been critical in reaching hospitals and first responders in states in the northeast corridor, like New Jersey and Connecticut.


The Hospital Sister Mission Outreach and the pilots of Prestige Worldwide Aviation have driven and flown PPE and sanitizing supplies all across the Midwestern states.


The advocates at Seeding Sovereignty are ensuring PPE makes its way to the hard-hit, difficult-to-reach regions of the Navajo, Apache and Pueblo communities.


Our friends at Miami Med COVID Help have been pivotal in our distribution of supplies to hospitals in Florida.


Members of the 19th Medical Regiment have been our go-to distribution partner in the midwest state of Indiana.


TUSOM COVID Response Group volunteers have helped us reach hospitals across the NOLA healthcare networks in Louisiana.


Charipay not only hosts a COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund, but has been our primary distribution division in the island state. Nonprofit health-hub Hawaii Public Health Institute has also helped us reach hospitals across the Hawaiian islands.

Corporate Donors and Partners


Ki Bum (KB) Kim

KB is a product manager based in Los Angeles, CA, specializing in mobile game and software development. He graduated from the University of Southern California with a dual degree in Business Administration and Accounting.

In his spare time, KB enjoys traveling and has visited over 30 countries so far. He has direct work experience across three continents and is always excited to meet new people around the world.

Kevin Tsai

Kevin is an anesthesiology resident at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, and a graduate of Stony Brook School of Medicine in New York. 

A chatterbox and a writer, he enjoys hotpot, karaoke, and sharing ice cream – all things COVID hates.

Deyu Kong

Deyu is an automated driving engineer in Santa Clara, California. He graduated from Purdue University, West Lafayette with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Prior to moving to California, he worked at Ford, GE Aviation, and FCA. In his free time, he’s really into climbing and mountain biking.

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