Mask On — Cloth Face Coverings In Recent News, and Where You Can Find Some

Earlier this month, Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti declared that starting Friday April 10, all non-medical essential workers and customers visiting essential businesses would henceforth be required to wear cloth face coverings over their noses and mouths. On April 15, New York governor Andrew Cuomo similarly put into effect an executive order requiring face/nose coverings: “All people in public must have a mask [mouth or nose] covering… if you’re gonna be in public, and you cannot maintain social distancing, then have a mask.”

Many states have followed suit: Maryland, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Hawaii all have mandated cloth face coverings in circumstances where maintaining a 6 foot radius from others is a challenge. Most of these states further require employees of essential businesses to maintain a face covering while at work.

Several clothing and apparel companies foresaw a need to provide cloth masks for the public, and many acted on this foresight to produce washable cloth masks weeks ahead of these statewide orders. As parts of the country begin loosening safer-at-home restrictions, and state leaders debate the risks of reopening businesses, we encourage everyone to help protect themselves and each other, by maintaining social distancing, practicing hand hygiene, and by wearing a face covering when in public. Here is a list of our partners, donors, sponsors and friends who have been stitching, sewing, even laser-cutting masks that you can take advantage of yourself while helping support in our mission to equip our healthcare frontline!

masQd__: Originating as an Etsy store selling cloth masks, SewbyUSA has since spun the subsidiary, masQd__, which offers a wide array of stylish print cloth masks from which 20% of proceeds are put towards supporting the fight again COVID; one such project under cofounder Jaleh Factor involves laser-cutting, which has rapidly produced thousands of cloth masks donated to workers at food banks, homeless shelters and hospitals all over Southern California.

Citizens of Humanity: Our partners since the very beginning, Citizens of Humanity has been producing surgical-style tie-on masks with the same precision hand-stitching and premium materials that goes into their jeans while also acting as our Southern California distribution center. They’ve generously donated 1000 hand-sewn cloth masks to hospital workers at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center (LA) and Stony Brook Medicine (Long Island), and more recently revved up production of these masks once again. Their support has been pivotal in our large-scale collaborations with FordMotors, TDM, and Norwex.

Seek Discomfort: since it’s founding in 2018, this site by the YesTheory guys (Ammar, Thomas and Matt) has boasted a modern collection of fashion-wear under the banner “life is best lived outside your comfort zone”. Their attire and Youtube channel are all about living life fully, and their team captures themselves doing just that, their adventures and outreach projects manifested in biweekly Youtube videos at YesTheory. They have an awesome campaign going on: for every cloth mask they sell, they’ll invest in a surgical mask to be donated to healthcare workers AND a portion of proceeds is donated to food banks. Already they’ve sent thousands of surgical masks to doctors and nurses, and they intend to send cloth masks to those in need.

Other companies have been putting funds together, sourcing surgical masks and sending them out through to hospital workers as well. Here’s a few who’ve made a difference:

AtticusPoetry garners a mighty online presence, sharing short poems, epigrams & aphorisms. For every StayWild cloth mask they sell, Atticus sources and pays for a surgical mask.

FanofaFan: touted as a full service brand factory focused on selling brands over merchandise, this company has been directing a portion of proceeds to, put towards surgical masks for hospital workers.

Hamilton, known moreso for their button-down shirts since 1883, the Houston-based shirtmakers at the longstanding Hamilton Shirts are producing protective face coverings to be donated to Houston area hospitals including Texas Children’s Hospital, Houston Food Bank, & CrowdSourceRescue among others.

re/Done: An online curator of vintage-inspired denim, RE/DONE has been producing cloth masks, the proceeds for which go towards medical-grade mask purchases for hospitals.

Many others are producing cloth masks for sale and donating to via GoFundMe or by purchasing masks: no matter the medium, healthcare workers are grateful for the support. If you’re involved in a project that’s helping in the fight against COVID that you would like to share, or you need help directing donations to frontliners, tag @DonatePPE to your social media posts, and we’ll help you share your message!

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