A surge in the number of COVID-19 cases in the United States is straining the supply of personal protective equipment (PPE). Let’s do our part to provide our healthcare heroes with the equipment they need to fight COVID-19.

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Surgical Masks & N95 Respirators


The COVID virus is spread primarily by respiratory droplet from coughing, sneezing and talking, and aerosol-generating procedures. Masks and respirators are the most important yet most scarce tool for keeping healthcare workers safe during the pandemic.

Medical Gloves


Gloves, most commonly powder free nitrile gloves or vinyl, are used across all patient encounters and procedures for both patient and healthcare worker safety. Latex gloves are avoided in most healthcare settings, due to the prevalence of latex allergies. Most commonly used sizes range from S to L.

Gowns & Shoe Covers


An oftentimes overlooked mode of transmission of the virus is by our clothes. Gowns and shoe covers, also called “booties”, lower the risk of nosocomial spread of virus between patient rooms, as well as between coworkers, by minimize the contamination of scrubs and shoes.

Bouffant Caps


Bouffant caps are similar to shower caps which covers all hair. Ideal material should be thicker and less permeable.

Goggles & Safety Glasses


Sealed eye protection is necessary for preventing virus-transmission through the ocular route. In settings where face-shields are unavailable or obstructive to care, goggles and safety glasses act as a barrier for the eyes.



Masks and respirators can be used until soiled or damaged. Face-shields help protect the integrity of masks by acting as an easy-to-clean barrier to bodily fluids, either from direct spray from the front, or from droplets settling from above.

Disinfecting Wipes


Virus can persist on surfaces for several days. Respiratory therapists, nurses, and doctors go through disinfecting wipes quickly, for sterilizing PPE and equipment to work surfaces and patient rooms.

Hand Sanitizer


High concentration alcohol solutions of at least 60% ethanol or 70% isopropyl alcohol inactivate Coronavirus, as well as other pathogens that are genetically related to and have similar physical properties as COVID-19.

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