DonatePPE is launching the #OurStrengthIsBeautiful challenge to highlight the strength of individual healthcare workers around the world continuing to fight COVID-19 on the frontlines. The personal protective equipment (PPE) shortage is still very real and the scarred faces of our masked heroes are showing it. This is a call to stand with every healthcare worker by posting a #OurStrengthIsBeautiful selfie to raise awareness and funds to supply them with the protective gear they need to keep fighting.


The effort will raise funds and awareness to address the continued PPE shortage in the midst of the gradual re-opening of the U.S. With limited access to PPE, our frontline healthcare workers remain at risk as they continue to wear and reuse the same masks for entire shifts while fighting the virus. They exemplify great strength as they experience prolonged discomfort due to the excessive wear of masks which has led to bruises on the faces of our heroes. This is an opportunity for us to stand with them and show our support.

The #OurStrengthIsBeautiful challenge has a dedicated GoFundMe page for which 100% of donations will go directly to purchase PPE for health care workers. Our fundraising goal is:



A social media campaign with no end date that calls the public to stand in solidarity with our masked heroes by posting selfies of strength during the global pandemic.

Each #OurStrengthIsBeautiful post shall include:


1. A selfie (in-feed / stories) representing an example of "strength" during this pandemic (i.e. a mom photo, battling through illness, etc.)


2.Tag #OurStrengthIsBeautiful and @DonatePPE


3. Nominate a few friends to take on the challenge too!


DonatePPE.org is a volunteer organization partnered with ProductPub and CMAIN, two tax-exempt, registered 501(c)(3) charitable organizations. DonatePPE.org was founded in emergency response to the coronavirus pandemic. Their mission is to save lives on the frontline by ensuring every healthcare professional and essential worker  in underserved communities maintains an adequate supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) needed to fight COVID-19. Corporate donors include:

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