Monster Dance

A multimedia picture book to inform, comfort, and empower children in the time of pandemic

Monster Dance follows an endearingly melodramatic dog, Maurice, and Charlie, an artistic little girl, in a world that’s suddenly gone topsy-turvy. While Maurice voices his greatest fears, Charlie teaches him practical ways to help fight the virus (the “Monster”), illuminating that patience and caution are not fear, but courage. Monster Dance is intended not only to inform children six and under, but to comfort and empower them. 

The multimedia ebook launched on October 5th, 2020 on Apple Books, Google Play and iOS app stores. The ebook merges read-aloud narration, lightly animated illustration and music — a format signature to Madeleine Editions books. It is scored with “La Valse,” by the great impressionist composer, Maurice Ravel. The hard copy book, sold exclusively via Kickstarter, also includes the quality audio.

Monster Dance pledges a donation of three masks to healthcare workers around the world for every book sold. Moreover, copies will be donated to children’s hospitals across the United States.

Author and Contributors

Guy Gilchrist, Jim Henson’s cartoonist behind The Muppets and other famed series such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Pink Panther, has illustrated a book — available as an enhanced ebook and as a hard copy book — for children ages 3~6. Published by award-winning international publishing house, Madeleine Editions and written by the company’s founder, Eva Lou with read-aloud narration by actor Denis O’Hare (The Goldfinch, Big Little Lies, This is Us), the book, titled Monster Dance, aims to help children cope with coronavirus fears. In addition to the english narration, we have a mandarin narration done by taiwanese model, actress, and singer Lin Chi-Ling. The book was a doctor’s initiative by Dr. Karen Tsai, a Los Angeles based physician and co-founder of, a non-profit organization that procures personal protective equipment to medical professionals working on the frontlines.

Guy Gilchrist

Guy Gilchrist


Eva Lou

Eva Lou


Denis O'Haris

Denis O'Hare


lin chi ling

Lin Chi-Ling

Mandarin Narrator

Karen Tsang

Karen Tsai


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Ki Bum (KB) Kim

KB is a product manager based in Los Angeles, CA, specializing in mobile game and software development. He graduated from the University of Southern California with a dual degree in Business Administration and Accounting.

In his spare time, KB enjoys traveling and has visited over 30 countries so far. He has direct work experience across three continents and is always excited to meet new people around the world.

Kevin Tsai

Kevin is an anesthesiology resident at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, and a graduate of Stony Brook School of Medicine in New York. 

A chatterbox and a writer, he enjoys hotpot, karaoke, and sharing ice cream – all things COVID hates.

Deyu Kong

Deyu is an automated driving engineer in Santa Clara, California. He graduated from Purdue University, West Lafayette with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Prior to moving to California, he worked at Ford, GE Aviation, and FCA. In his free time, he’s really into climbing and mountain biking.

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