Flexport Helps DonatePPE.org Deliver Thousands of Masks, Gowns, and More to Healthcare Heroes


“Flexport has done a lot for our team since we first started. They’ve helped us out more than once when we got stuck. We couldn’t have done this without them,” says DonatePPE.org co-founder Deyu Kong.

In just over a month, we’ve connected over 1,219,407 articles of protective equipment to healthcare workers across the US and Canada. [Mind blown.] We need to take a minute to thank one essential player whose support from behind the scenes has made much of our operation possible: Flexport – a freight company based out of San Francisco. Their mission is to make global trade easy for everyone. From the start of the COVID outbreak, Flexport has effectively helped us move thousands of PPE articles into the hands of healthcare workers during this critical shortage. 

“Flexport has done a lot for our team since we first started. They’ve helped us out more than once when we got stuck. We couldn’t have done this without them,” says co-founder Deyu Kong.




Just weeks after DonatePPE.org got its start, Flexport.org reached out to our team knowing that we’d need help moving large donations of protective gear from the public to hospitals.  The public public parcel services were already completely strained. In a stroke of cosmic timing, they got in touch just before one of our earliest projects, the coordination of several pallets of N95 respirators from New Hampshire deep into the NYC epicenter (above).

“Without their support, we would have been much more intimidated by the task of navigating such precious cargo through dangerous waters,” said Kevin Tsai, MD, of DonatePPE.org. 

In the earliest days of our efforts, Flexport’s staff hit the ground running, sorting out the logistics and securing shipping ties we needed to ensure the safe and speedy transport of those respirators to healthcare workers. In just the last few weeks, they’ve been essential to more of our transcontinental projects. Here, and in the future, we hope to highlight more of the projects in which Flexport has been a key player, as well as the healthcare heroes who are subsequently working in safer conditions. 


Here’s a look at some of the projects they’ve made possible to date: 


March: Flexport helps us ship 4,000 N95 masks to NYC hospitals during a critical spike in COVID-19 cases

April: Flexport delivers seven shipments of protective masks from our “1 Million Masks” initiative with Norwex







April: Flexport funds our delivery of thousands of gowns and shoe coverings to hospitals in Detroit and New York

Today: Flexport is helping us get 8,000 NIOSH approved N95 masks to hospitals across New Mexico.












Thank you Flexport, for etching out paths to the frontlines and helping us get gear moving! It’s really encouraging to us to see a company show such generosity. Want to learn more? Check out Flexport’s Frontline Responders Fund initiative. “With everyone’s support, we can provide the essential medical equipment that allows doctors and nurses to save peoples’ lives and continue to serve those who have been impacted by the economic repercussions of social distancing. Together, we can truly help more people,” says program manager Kathleen Hegyesi. 





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